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Our mission at Thought Laboratories is to make the complex understandable and actionable. We make sense of the hard to understand. We create solutions not problems. We turn concerns into action. 

We combine rhetorical principles, research and testing to find the right words, messaging or solutions to ignite the right audience to act. 

We work with the youngest generations -- Generation Z and A, because they are the future and will disrupt business like no other generation, and research has shown the older generation listen to the young. 

We know how Generations Z and A are feeling and why. 

We connect the dots and help provide breakthrough strategies to ensure companies worldwide reinvigorate and stay relevant and rediscover thepower of their purpose  and relationships. 


Chloe Combi

is a world leading expert on Generation Z and author of the book that defined and put Generation Z on the map: ‘Generation Z: Their Voices, Their Lives.’

Ms. Combi has subsequently written for the Times, Guardian, Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Vice, Refinery29, Independent, and Spiked.

She is a sought-out speaker on a wide range of issues, including (but not limited to) teenagers, education, young people in the work place, sex, social media, pop culture in the 21st century, brands, brand relationships, youth culture, beauty and self-esteem


She is also a consultant and futurist advising government, brands and think-tanks on what the future looks like. 

Torund Bryhn 

is a leading expert on finding words that ignite action. She has more than 15 years of experience within energy, CCS, foreign affairs, public policy and non-governmental sectors.  


Ms. Bryhn has gained recognition on simplifying language and gaining international media attention including the CCS-Safari campaign in 2017 and was the finalist for the Norwegian PR award, “Gullkorn 2010 Brand of the year" for the 400th Well campaign. 

She is a recognized speaker on public affairs, communications, public acceptance, and has recently been speaking on how to gain public acceptance for CCS.